Elliott’s Chess School is comprised of 6 main levels – Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, and King levels, which if mastered will easily launch a player into the top 5% of scholastic tournament players in the US!
Pawn Level DVD
~ Introduction of each piece
~ Understanding the values of each piece
~ Best strategy for each piece
~ Pawn Shield’ strategy (how to BLOCK your opponent's army!)
~ Learning about the 4 most important squares to control
~ How to start a chess game with the BEST strategy
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Included for FREE with this DVD is a booklet with practice positions so that for every topic the student can practice and master the material presented on the DVD. This makes for a really great experience as parents can even follow along and enjoy playing these positions with their child!

Additional DVDs!
Knight Level DVD
Bishop Level DVD
Rook Level DVD
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